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                                                SAFEDOME PREMIUM ANTI-LOST PRODUCTS

                        FIND YOUR PHONE – Misplaced your phone? Simply press the button on your Safedome Recharge card to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent!
                   BLUETOOTH 5 CONNECTIVITY – It offers Bluetooth 5 with improved signal stability and strength between the card and your smartphone for even more peace of mind.

                                                    ANTI-LOST                                                         ANTI-LOST

                                                                         FIND YOUR KEYS – Misplaced your keys? Simply press the button in the FREE iOS or Android
      SUPERSLIM AT 1.6MM – Slips nicely into your wallet, purse, passport holder or backpack.
      You’ll be amazed at how much technology fits in a card just two credit cards slim.   app to make your keys ring via the built-in speaker, a loud 85 dBm. The app also shows the last
                                                                         location on a map.

      FIND YOUR WALLET– Ring to find your wallet with built-in super thin 75 dBm speaker. The app    FIND YOUR BAG – Ring to find your wallet with built-in super thin 85 dBm speaker. The app
      also shows the missing item’s last location on a map.              also shows the missing item’s last location on a map.

      1G-1                                                               Safedome Key Finder
      Safedome Recharge                                                  Safedome Key Finder makes looking after what’s valuable to you, easy. Whether you’ve mis-
      Safedome Recharge is ideal for people who are safety conscious or a bit forgetful. This includes   placed your keys at home, lost your phone down the back of the couch or lost your bag on a busy
      busy professionals, mums, business travellers, backpackers, senior citizens, or anyone who wants   day, it’s your own personal backup before losing something turns into a real problem.  Key Finder
      to feel more secure. Safedome helps take the ‘Oh-oh’ moment away from losing your stuff.  can attach to anything you can’t afford to lose! The app alerts you if you’ve left your item behind,
      Also sold as a bundle with any wireless charger from this catalog!  Ask us for special bundle prices!  showing its last location on a map, or you can trigger a sound alert to your Key Finder, guiding
                                                                         you to the location of your lost item. Made with the highest quality components combined with
                                                                         great design and a replaceable battery, the Leather Key Finder is Bluetooth tech at its best. Finds
   1                                                                     your things, Fast.
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