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                                               FINGERPRINT SCANNER UNLOCKING BACKPACK

                                                                                           FINGERPRINT SCANNER
                                                                                             UNLOCKING SYSTEM

                Finger            Quick          Scientifically    Integrated       Easy-charging
            Print technology  Access pockets     Engineered     USB charging port   Technology
                                                Storage system

                                        Modern backpack with fingerprint scanner unlocking system
                                        This smart backpack is the perfect travel companion as it is designed to maximize stor-
                                        age and it can store various objects like laptops, books, clothes, etc. with ease. The fin-
                                        gerprint scanner is revolutionary technology making this backpack very safe and secure
                                        for travel. Simply place your registered finger on the scanner and the zip will unlock
                                        within a second. You can also register up to 10 fingerprints at a time.

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