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                         COFFEE MUG WARMER                                                      WIRELESS CHARGER

               CONSTANT       WATER                                                                RADIATION      AUTO
              TEMPERATURE     PROOF                                                                  SHIELD      SHUT OFF

                 ANTI       CELL PHONE                                                            FOREIGN OBJECT  TEMPERATURE
                BURNING   BATTERY SAFETY                                                           DETECTION     CONTROL


            4G-1*                                   WARMER       WIRELESS
            Mug Warmer & Wireless Charger
            Innovative product that keeps your drink warm and can be used as a wireless charger!
            This product is perfect for any hard working professional because it takes care of the 2 most important
            things: your phone and your coffee! The base of the product can be used as a wireless charger for your
            phone or any other wireless charging compatible device and it supports fast charging. The base also
            keeps whichever drink is in the mug at a steady 55°C which is the ideal temperature to drink tea or
            coffee, so you can sip it throughout the day without the hassle of keeping on reheating it constantly!

                             * Wireless chargers work with most of the latest Android and iOS devices. For smartphones that do not support wireless charging,
                                 adapters (wireless receiver modules) are available at an additional cost. Mobile cases may affect the rate of charging.
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